Disc Belt Oil Coolant Skimmers

Zebra Skimmers? Coolant Performance Products

Zebra Skimmers offers a wide range of belt and disc skimmers. Skimmers help maintain a cleaner working environment by separating water from chemicals, which decreases bacteria build-up. Durable, lightweight, portable, and quiet.

Zebra Sidewinder

Fits anywhere, even on a totally enclosed machine. Mounts in minutes, and is easy to move from machine, to machine. Uses continuous o-ring that can be customized to fit any sump.

Features: A fan-cooled continuous duty motor. Rated at 1 quart per hour. External scraper can’t clog, and the 1″ NPT discharge can handle the worst fines.

GS Series Disk Skimmer

Smart skimmer increases coolant life. It discriminates between oil and coolant at the site. An integrated gravity separator returns clean coolant back to the sump where it belongs.

Features: A continuous duty motor with a one-year warranty. Disk and scrapers guaranteed for life. Rated at one gallon per hour. Various sizes and options are available.

Zebra Muscles

A skimmer, aerator, and oil separator in one. It is robust, easy to maintain, will last for years, yet adaptable to just about any demand your sump may place on it.

Options: Include bag filters, coalescing media, oil trap, and more.

Coolant Mixers

Machined brass and steel construction designed to last a lifetime. Easy to maintain. Non-corrosive check valve provides you with instant coolant mixing when you turn it on. The needle valve guarantees you accurate mixing ratios every time. Various models are available from rations of 100:1 to 3:1, and flow rates of 3 to 10 gallons per minute.

L Series Disk Skimmer

A novel engineering approach allows us to make L Series units with smaller footprints, so they’re easier to install. Rated at 1 to 5 gallons per hour. Disk and wipers are guaranteed for life. Surge-protected motor has a one-year warranty. Various sizes and options are available.

Zebra B Series Skimmers

Ideal for lifting tramp oils large vertical distances, from 8″ to 10 feet. Our standard design features a fixed lower pulley, reducing maintenance and eliminating belt vibrations. Cogged belts don’t slip and last for years. Rated at 1 quart or 1 gallon per hour.

The Diverter

Turns ordinary belt skimmers into “smart” ones. Returns coolant back to the sump so that you pull out pure waste oil. Saves you money on expensive coolant.


An economical approach to extending coolant life. In the absence of oxygen anaerobic bacteria multiply, causing coolant to spoil. Injecting oxygen into coolant maximizes performance by killing anaerobic bacteria and encouraging the good aerobic bacteria. Sintered bronze diffuser and durable tubing have been added to hold up to the rigors of machining environments.

Odor Control Tablets

Do away with coolant stench. Our tablets are an effective way to control odors in most water-based coolant systems. Safe and easy to use, eliminates the rotten egg smell. Safer than biocides, and contain no formaldehyde. One tablet per 25 gallons of coolant every two weeks.

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