Multicyl Punching Notching

  • Multicyl is an air over oil press, versatile and portable
  • Can be used for notching, piercing, punching, forming, marking, stamping, and automated assembly
  • Ranges in sizes from 1 to 12 tons
  • Excellent Quality and Low Maintenance Costs

How a Multicyl Works

: Multicyl simplifies the field of air/oil intensifiers whilst saving up to 80% of the compressed air used in other systems. This two-stage pressure intensifier produces its dynamic force by means of regular shop air and the most elementary air control valve that’s all that is required.

: Designed originally for the hole punching field where a spring return tool is used, Mulicyl applications are innumerable, replacing conventional punch presses for many assembly operations and practically every die operation imaginable. Energy is conserved by building a depth stop into the tooling, thus reducing the length of the working stroke.

Energy: the unique two-stage action is designed to conserve energy by tailoring its output to suit the requirements of the job. Multicyl saves up to 80% of the energy used in other air operated systems performing a similar function.

Fast Set-Up: the threaded body facilitates fast tool set-ups and eliminates the need for special fastening holes used with flange style mountings. Quick connecting air control fittings allow fast pneumatic hook-ups.

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